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Finding leaks is only part of the action needed to support environmentally responsible operations, to safeguard personnel and the public, and to operate efficiently with both capital and operating expenses considered. An effective solution is required to bring all of these components together.

That’s why Prosaris offers a unique solution, supporting you with your complete lifecycle management of leaks. The OL series works with your Android device and the Prosaris Leak Management app to effectively detect the very small leaks costing your business money. Our innovative design means we can locate and, by locking onto the noise source of an air or gas leak, overcome challenges to accurate leak quantification. However, the OL series device itself is just the first component in our larger solution.

Prosaris delivers significant value by providing a robust solution that:

  • Records leaks and associated data
  • Enables leak data analysis and assessment
  • Supports leak remediation management and correction

Solutions and Value


Leak event record data transfer eliminates the potential for human error, lost notes, and miscommunicated data sets. Our solutions provide more data, with a photo of the leak source, user details, location specifics, environmental data at time of survey, and so much more.


Supports the direct population of survey records and reports. Customized report templates can further streamline this process.


Allows you remote access to survey records, supporting centralized assessment and real-time analysis.


Able to integrate with your maintenance management system for improved prioritization and time to repair.


Support effective data transfer to your emissions management system, improving the efficiency and consistency of emission survey observations. As hardware, the OL and HL series devices can support emissions survey and assessments, complementing existing technology. Our solutions can be customized and integrated into your unique and varied systems to meet operational requirements and support improved efficiency.


The Prosaris Leak Management app can scan equipment tags, informing the user in the field of past history and helping speed up corrective actions.


Tracks all leak occurrences over time in order to identify the worst offending equipment, components, and locations. At a company level, assess which facilities are performing well and which need support. Identifies equipment and components that are contributing to loss across the company, as well as the value of that loss. Collected data supports suppliers, vendors, and allows you to assess relative performance.
These are just a few ways the Prosaris approach to leak lifecycle management can help you form a complete leak solution. And we will continue to look for more opportunities.

Industry Solutions

The Prosaris solution is a must-have, innovative technology with wide-ranging industry applications. The Prosaris suite of products allows organizations to be more efficient by saving time and decreasing production loss. Industries that are best served by the OL and HL series include:
  • Oil and Gas
  • Aerospace
  • Residential and Commercial Gas
  • Shipping and Marine
  • Automotive
  • HVAC
  • Air Systems
  • Rail Cargo
  • Refining and Petrochemical

Seeking Innovation?

We develop applications that provide immediate and direct value to our customers. Help us develop what is most important to you by suggesting solutions that address your most pressing challenges.

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