Prosaris OL1
Founders Edition

The OL1 Founders Edition is a limited run of an early-release, cable-connected version of the OL1. With the OL1 Founders Edition, be one of the first to get your hands on the next generation in ultrasonic leak detection and management. With only a limited number of units available, start detecting leaks and saving money now.
As an OL1 early adopter, you get:
  • An advance release OL1 Founders Edition device
  • Early access to the Prosaris Leak Management app
  • Enrollment in the Prosaris Founder's Program
  • Three-month trial and evaluation access to new Prosaris software solutions
  • 25% off any future upgrade or new purchase
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Features and Benefits


The Prosaris OL series delivers the functionality and detection capability you expect, alongside new and improved features, all in a cost-effective package. The OL series can function in all weather conditions, making it rugged and ready for the demands of industry.


Just download the Prosaris Leak Management app and connect the OL series via cable to any Android device to start detecting air or other gas leaks. For a customized experience, link the app to your internal data management system to record and analyze leak event data, as well as support maintenance requests and corrective actions.


The Prosaris Leak Management app provides a record of events with device and user-provided data that can efficiently and effectively support emissions monitoring activities and requirements.


Designed to be intuitive, the OL series requires no special training. All instruction and direction are provided by the OL series and the Prosaris app, from the very start of detection to the final submission of a leak event record.


No more bulky headphones and sweeping for an air or other gas leak. Using innovative ultrasonic technology, the Prosaris OL series quickly analyzes the area, detects the leak, and visually guides the user to the leak for further action, all within a few seconds. The OL series can detect the smallest of air and gas leaks (approximately 8.5g/hr for air).


Small and light enough to be clipped to a belt and fit on the back of an existing Android device. The OL series eliminates the need to carry large, bulky equipment to find and assess leaks, meaning less operator fatigue and more accessible detection. The OL series makes effective and efficient leak detection, location, and management available to all.

Leak Lifecycle Management

Leak Lifecycle Management detect leaks
  • 24 MEMS microphones ultrasonically detect even the smallest leaks from significant distances
  • Capable of detecting a leak in the range of ~5 psi from a 0.005” hole from over 30 feet away. This equates to ~8.5g/hr for air at 21°C*.
    • *internal Prosaris testing results.

1. Detect

Detects the presence of small leaks from safe distance within seconds.

Leak Lifecycle Management direct to leaks
  • Innovative technology provides the precision of a directional microphone
  • Locks onto the leak source and focuses only on the noise from that location. The OL series is able to listen in a focused directional cone, allowing it to track and selectively analyze the source noise.

2. Direct

Guides user directly to the leak. Directional technology locks onto leak source.

Leak Lifecycle Management quantify leaks
  • Minimizes operator burden—the intuitive app interface is easy to understand and operate
  • Visually guides the operator to the leak location
  • Quantifies gas flow and loss in real time
  • Provides valuable insight for assessing air efficiency, prioritizing repairs, and calculating return on investment

3. Quantify

Quantifies leak rates through a combination of simple user inputs and innovative technology.

Leak Lifecycle Management quantify leaks
  • Processes complete and accurate leak event data through an operator’s Android device
  • Allows data transfer either with an existing internal secure solution or our own secure cloud-based platform, keeping leak event records available when you need them
  • Helps with the identification of the most critical equipment or component for repair by key parameters such as loss contribution, type, and location


Leak data analysis and evaluation. Measure to support understanding and improvement.

Leak Lifecycle Management correct leaks
  • Provides you with complete and accurate data to assist in loss reduction and efficiency improvement
  • Helps you prioritize repairs, choose equipment and parts for better performance, adjust work practices, and enhance facilities
  • Integrates with existing management systems to improve efficiency and reduce data entry errors

5. Correct

Loss prevention. Leak detection and classification data supports regulatory monitoring and, efficient and effective leak correction

Technical Information

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Usage Guide
OL usage guide step 1 product box

Step 1

  • Remove the OL series from its packaging
  • Attach the included mounting plate to your Android device. Ensure that the plate is placed in such a way that the camera is not obscured when the OL series is connected
  • It is recommended to charge the device fully before first use
OL usage guide step 2 device on tablet

Step 2

  • Download the Prosaris Leak Management app on Google Play to your Android device
  • Open the Prosaris app and attach the OL series to the back of the Android device to the mounting plate. Make sure that the "Prosaris" logo on the OL series is right-side up and horizontal to the bottom of the Android device when in landscape mode
  • Enter your information as prompted and press “Register Device.” Make sure the Android device is connected to the Internet for this registration step. The app will confirm when it is connected with the OL series device and ready to use
OL series usage guide step 3 app interface

Step 3

  • Press the “Find Leak” button at the start of the app
  • Follow the directions provided on the screen
  • When close enough to the leak source for accurate quantification, the app will tell you and confirm when optimum data has been obtained
OL series usage guide step 4 app user inputs

Step 4

  • Once a leak has been found and you have been provided basic information about the leak, press the "Save changes" button to create a leak event record
  • Advanced leak record management options are available based on application modules chosen
  • Continue with further detection or simply close the app to finish
OL series usage guide step 5 device case

Step 5

  • Holding the Android tablet firmly in place, pull and rotate the OL series device off of its magnetic base
  • Place the OL series device back into your carrying case. Magnet side facing in will allow the OL series device to be secure in position inside the case. If necessary, place the OL series device on charge before returning it to the case
  • Close case and store, ready for next time!
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