Our Purpose

Air and process leaks are costing your business money. Wasted energy, maintenance time, capital expenses, and operating equipment costs are all impacting your bottom line. Wasteful emissions are hurting our environment and our communities. There is a clear value in quickly detecting and correcting air and gas leaks, whether used in safety-critical equipment or in other applications.

That is why Prosaris is challenging the status quo of leak detection. The ultrasonic technology used in the Prosaris OL series helps operators track down and manage even the smallest leaks quickly and efficiently. That’s better for your business, the environment, and for the safety of your staff and customers. And that’s good for us all.

Reduce environmental harm over a tree sapling
Safeguard personnel and public over silhouttes in front of a sunset
Support efficient and responsible operations over two refinery workers

Leak Lifecycle Management


  • Uses ultrasonic technology to quickly detect gas phase leaks
  • Manages background noise and other factors that could impede or confound rapid detection and quantification
  • Locks onto the source noise until the leak record has been submitted
  • Visually guides operators to the leak with no need to listen and sweep
  • Enables loss quantification, continuously improving efficiency and effectiveness by supporting the proactive reduction and elimination of air and gas leaks
  • Captures rich data of the leak event and can integrate with existing assessment and leak management systems
Leak Lifecycle Management person holding Prosaris OL series ultrasonic leak detection device

Industry Support

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Our Team

Colin Sewell


With over 25 years in the oil and gas sector providing Process Safety and Loss Prevention support to major operators, Colin experienced first-hand some of the challenges associated with understanding and managing leaks and loss of containment events. With an instinct for finding solutions, he seized the opportunity to develop a better approach. The Prosaris OL and HL suite of products is the result of his passion to change the status quo. When he's not in front of his computer, he is always on the go; however, nothing quite compares to trying to keep up with his 2 young boys.

Scott Hurst


Scott has been an electrical engineer for over 30 years and recently completed his MBA. He has had various roles in both large and small organizations, with experience in planning, operations, maintenance, consulting, plant design, R&D, and product development. At Prosaris, he is responsible for oversight and knowledge retention of all aspects of hardware and software development and design. When he needs to give his brain a breather, he hops on his Harley and loves to make some noise.

Michelle Hyson

Business Operations

Michelle has more than 15 years experience in human resources for companies such as Sobeys and the Calgary Board of Education. She has also worked within the oil and gas and not-for-profit industries. Having a BComm with a major in Management from Dalhousie University has helped her to successfully wear many hats at Prosaris. She is currently responsible for overseeing finance, human resources, and product logistical support. Michelle likes to unwind with her husband and two children in their new camper.

Christopher Marshall

Marketing Manager

Chris joined the Prosaris team in early 2020, bringing a passion for digital marketing and data. He has experience in both large agencies and scrappy start-ups, giving him the tools he needs to effectively develop and execute robust marketing strategies. A love of entrepreneurship means that Chris thrives on change and continues to seek out ways to adapt and improve his skills. When not developing campaigns or tracking website sessions, you can find Chris either in the kitchen working his way through a new recipe or somewhere in the world eating his way through a new city.
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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
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